Get your creative juices flowing..

- Sketch, edit and present at the same time
- Unlimited drawing and presentation space
- Minimum training required

Go wild, in realtime.

- Use pen and paper
-Make content digital in real-time
- Revamp your brainstorming sessions

Precision, baby!

- Digital Anoto pens that functions like a regular pen
- Vector based for scalable sketches
- High input resolution with sub-pixel precision

We set out to make collaboration playful and fun. After 8 years of research and development, we present to you the revolutionizing we-inspire system. It is collaboration technology like no other. We have re-invented the way you will work with your team, by providing you a solution for everyone to be inspired. We have worked hard to ensure everyone will be able to use our system, by incorporating your traditional pen and paper alongside any digital content. we-inspire will help you and your team visualize your projects and push you to innovate